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    Dollywood getting even better.

    Dollywood to get $300 million upgrade -

    If you ever get the chance to visit Dollywood it's a very nice theme park. Not being from the region I was very happy with my visit to the southern-country themed park. If you happen to be going through Tennessee it's worth a stop.
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    Re: Dollywood getting even better.

    Dollywood's been on my list to visit for years now. What I've seen of the pictures presents a pretty amazing park... there's a video of the train on a run during the winter when the park's blanketed in snow, when the train heads out into the woods it could be two hundred years ago in a heartbeat...
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    Re: Dollywood getting even better.

    I am still surprised they pulled Adventure Mountain so soon.

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    Re: Dollywood getting even better.

    Let's face it.........Dolly Parton is the new Walt Disney for this era. She cares tremendously for her park, the people that visit and most importantly the people that work there and live in the area........they are her extended family. The world would be a better place with more people like her.

    As far as the park's my favorite theme park by far. Has a classic old time feel, great rides, and awesome food. This new expansion coupled with what Universal is doing in Orlando is really going to make Disney feel the pinch with its domestic customer base. There are a lot of theme park options out there now.........and most are growing their parks much quicker than Disney is.

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