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    Bakken - The oldest amusement park in the world

    Outside Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark tucked away inside a forest lays Bakken.
    Bakken was supposed to have opened in
    1583. That makes it the oldest amusement park in the world.

    It is not a themepark. It really lacks a an obvious theme.
    Its an amusement park with rides, shows, restaurants and many other things that makes a place for a family to enjoy.

    The best way to get there is to take a train from central Copenhagen. The train stop is not far from the park and there are plenty of horse carriages on the outskirts of the forest waiting to pick people up.

    The park is free to enter but all the attractions cost. Like most other places like this you can get all sorts of different offers and wristbands to go on all rides all day.

    Most of the rides are carnival style but there are a few bigger coasters and boat rides. One difference I notice all the time when I go to these kind of places is that Disneyparks feel a bit restricted at times. A guest has to walk a certain path t get to certain ride. But at Bakken and also Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen there are many small paths and corners that guest can discover. At Bakken people sit in the forest, both outside and inside the park and have picknicks or just relax on the grass. This does have a downside but sometimes I miss that "touch with nature" in Disneyparks. One of the main reasons to this is that everything in a Disneypark is fake. But in Bakken, ugly as it may be it feels a bit more genuine.

    Bakken is a great place to visit while in Denmark. It has nothing if compared to a Disneypark (not counting WDS) but still it is a wonderful place to take the family for a day of traditional oldtime fun.

    I made a video when I was there this summer. It shows a bit what the place looks and sounds like.
    Take a look

    The world according me:

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    Re: Bakken - The oldest amusement park in the world

    Wow, they've added a lot since I visited in 1985. Back then,it was just the scenic
    railway, the flitzer, and the log flume and a bunch of flatrides. Plus the shooting gallery darkride.
    There are new
    coasters, new themed attractions, and the forest still looks amazing.
    The walk from the train is beautiful.

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    Re: Bakken - The oldest amusement park in the world

    What an interesting place! There are definitely some unique attractions there that I would definitely like to ride. Thanks for the video!

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    Re: Bakken - The oldest amusement park in the world

    Very cool! It's always interesting to see how they do things in other countries! I love that there is a ride called the Polyp.

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    Re: Bakken - The oldest amusement park in the world

    Thank you, Timmy!

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