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    Re: knotts roller coasters, which one ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
    I forgot about the mystery Lodge. That is a great special effects show
    Or as us BCers like to call it, Spirit Lodge, as that was it's original name when it had it's debut at the GM Pavilion at Expo 86 in Vancouver. Not sure how Knott's got a hold of it.

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    Re: knotts roller coasters, which one ?

    Quote Originally Posted by hakuna makarla
    So mel, what day is off day? we are going to be in disneyland Saturday and Sunday, for the fireworks and fantasmic( I hope they are doing this april 1st and second ) and then maybe Knotts Monday or tuesday, what do you think? what day is usually low attendace in dca and disneyland?
    Go to Knott's Monday or Tuesday, they'll be dead, BUT they'll close early, like 6 pm. Fireworks & Fantasmic! both run on Saturdays, and usually they run both on Sundays, but I know before Christmas they were only running Fantasmic! on Sundays, and no fireworks.
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