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    Crowds at Legoland?

    What do you think the crowds will be like a Legoland California on saturday feb 17? I know its a stupid question kind of like asking if DCA will be packed on a saturday but we havn't been there for about four years and want to check out that robot arm ride.

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    Re: Crowds at Legoland?

    I'm hoping it won't be too crowded. We are going on the 11th. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Re: Crowds at Legoland?

    Just FYI,

    Knights Tournament is closed until further notice, due to a mechanical defect that requires the manufacturer to repair. Hopefully it will be open by the time you go on your trip, but all attractions MC's have been told it is until further notice.


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    Re: Crowds at Legoland?

    The problem with Legoland isn't the crowds. It's the low capacity on most of their rides.

    Even a moderately busy day can create long lines for things like Knights Tournament (now closed for the time being), The safari ride, the Fairy Tale boats, etc.

    My advice, get there early and ride the sky-ride, driving school and boat school early.

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