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    Christmas in Tivoli

    We have all seen pictures of how the Disneyparks look at Christmas. But how about the others?

    I went to Tivoli Gardens as a part of Swedish and Danish tradition to go on the Christmas market they have each year in the park.

    I took a few pictures with my Galaxy Tab 3. It all looks much better in reality. Tablets have cameras that can´t be compared to what today is a standard in image quality.

    Tivoli is placed in the very city center of Copenhagen. The park IS the city center. Alot of people go there just before Christmas to enjoy the lights and dine with friends and family.

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    The "mainstreet" of Tivoli.

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    Tivoli is not just decorated like other parks for christmas, it´s completely changed in many areas.

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    The entire park is transformed to a Christmas wonderland, with or without snow. They even add a new centerpiece type of building and a few new rides just for the season.

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    Santa´s sleigh and a reindeer or two.

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    Tivoli´s centerpiece castle is alot bigger than Disneyland´s

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    New stores pop up just for the season.

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    Alcohol is served all over

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    This area is completely redone for christmas

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    Built just for the season

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    Aa´s for the holiday´s

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    Inside one of the temporary rides built just for the season.

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    Christmas village type of area has alot of snacks and drinks to keep one warm.

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    Alot of the things for sale in the different shops in the park is not the usual themepark junk but rather things made by local designers.

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    The big concert stage that presents many world known artists in the summer is changed to a marketplace.

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    The park has many restaurants in all corners. Many of them are really cozy and feel like genuine plces to gather and not just themepark restaurants. Infact what makes Tivoli great is that it feels genuine. Most themeparks are just a place to go on rides. But Tivoli is a part of the Danish tradition and something that bings alot of people together in this region.
    I´m not saying it is an amazing themepark. All Disneyparks are better as themeparks. (Not counting Walt Disney Studios park in Paris that only is a bunch of rides on a parkinglot.) But Tivoli has something that sets itself apart from al others. It has a long history and is a part of the culture in Copenhagen in a way no Disneypark is.
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    Re: Christmas in Tivoli

    Thanks for the report. Tivoli is on my to visit lists for parks. Nice to see it get some coverage here.

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    Re: Christmas in Tivoli

    How wonderful, bright, festive, quaint is Tivoli Gardens. In someways, it reminds me of Knott's of my childhood. Totally about quality atmosphere bringing families together. Thank you for such a great glimpse into another culture!
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