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    I want to know about African destination

    I am making plans for any African destination I want help from everyone can anyone suggest me for any destination of African.

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    Re: I want to know about African destination

    I had a discussion about this last week.

    One friend went to Tanzania and Kenya for Safari and hiking Kilimanjaro about 5 years ago. He was picked up from an airport, and had someone guiding him the whole time, that is to say never alone until he returned to the airport. Everywhere he slept, hotel or camp had armed guards, this continued until he got a ways up the mountain. In the safari camps he thought the lions were the concern, but a night guard or two with machine guns was probably not there for lions.

    Another friend works for a company the does business in multiple countries of Africa. Because of the reports she sees she wouldn't consider visiting the continent. It seems that their trucks are either burned or stolen, and the driver either murdered or missing. Problem is these trucks are not carrying valuables that would make them targets.
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