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    High Roller - World's Tallest Observation wheel - Las Vegas Video

    Hey Guys,

    Here's a video I shot of the brand new High Roller - World's Tallest Observation wheel most people on the street call it the World's tallest Ferris wheel in reality it's not a Ferris wheel.

    It costs $35 per person after 6pm and goes only one rotation before you have to get off. The duration of the ride lasted about half an hour long.

    Did you know, each pod can hold up to 40 passengers?

    In the video, you will see how the pod boarding process work. In addition, at 6 min 30 seconds, you can hear the countdown before reaching the highest point on the Observation wheel.

    dmission to the top of Stratosphere tower is $18, so if High Roller decided to lower the price to $20, I will definitely go back on it. As of now, the price is too steep.

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    Thanks, Socalbama!

    for one
    half-hour rotation
    with up to 39 other people in the pod.

    No thanks.

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    Re: High Roller - World's Tallest Observation wheel - Las Vegas Video

    No thank you. Not because of the price tag (although thats also very steep), but because I'd be white knuckled the entire time. HATE wheels....
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    Re: High Roller - World's Tallest Observation wheel - Las Vegas Video

    Actually, it only costs $1. The other $34 is to not spend 30 minutes up there with the guys from the movie Deliverence, drunk, rowdy, in wife-beater t-shirts, stinking of beer, saying, "What you lookin' at boy!"

    I hope this is a first step toward Las Vegas going back to being a family fun destination. That's where it was headed in the 1990's, when it looked like it was going to become a giant, city-sized Disneyland. Then they abruptly changed course and went for luxury, elite nightclubs, expensive meals, and regular looking buildings. Bring back the theming, the coins slots, the 50 cent hot dog and shrimp cocktail!

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