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    Sea World Disability question..

    How do they handle hearing impaired guests? I haven't been there in about 3-4 years and since my last trip I've been diagnosed with moderate hearing loss.. I'm actually getting hearing aides soon. I'm going to Sea World in April and wondered if there's anything they can do to help me out, listening devices or what not.

    Also any experiences with hearing impairements at other parks would be helpful too, it's nice to know I can finally enjoy the parks I love because I can hear things again!

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    Re: Sea World Disability question..

    You might want to contact Guest Relations and see if they can arrange to have an interpreter at some of the shows. (619)226-3901 is the main number. You might need to poke around a bit or wait for the operator.
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    Re: Sea World Disability question..

    Well I don't understand ASL fluently yet nor am I completely deaf so I won't need an interpreter. I just wondered if they had some listening device I could use for certain attractions or a CC system.

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