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    Re: Is Islands of Adventure worth visiting

    Quote Originally Posted by kcnole
    I'm curious about the front of the line tickets. I've been told that you can stay in one of their hotels one night but then move somewhere else and you still get Fotl ability for the duration of your visit to Universal. Does this truly work this way or is it only for one day?
    It is true that if you stay at any of the Universal hotels you get front of the line access. Honestly, I wouldn't bother going without that access. They do "Fastpass" better than anyone (sad to say). If you get up for opening, you can honestly do the whole Islands of Adventure park within 4.5 hours... it's a truly wonderful break if you have had your fill of waiting 90 minutes for Peter Pan. This is how it works:

    Each member of the party has to get a room key that includes the check-in, check-out days. If you stay overnight, you'll be able to get front of the line access 2 days. They have these lanyards that you can wear right around your neck with the room key, park pass, and some money. It's the best way to go because you won't have to check anything into individual lockers before thrill rides (IOF and US don't let you take anything past the queue entrance). But anyway, they are constantly running specials, and you can do both parks sometimes, especially through AAA, sometimes for $100, 2 people, 2 days, both parks. Royal Pacific is beautiful, has a wonderful lobby, and is most affordable of the three resorts. Hard Rock is also great, nice room size and a great pool. And Portofino is gorgeous, has absolutely amazing beds, but is on the pricey side (in the WDW Deluxe resort range).

    If you aren't a coaster person, a trip over to Universal Studios is really worth it... Men in Black is great, kind of like Buzz SpaceRanger Spin but maybe better. Jaws is fun but a little dated. E.T has a really great scheme to it as well. But for a great ride, The Mummy is wonderful.

    As everyone else has said, Spiderman over at Islands might be one of the best rides in any park, anywhere. I hope this info helps.
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    Re: Is Islands of Adventure worth visiting

    IOA is awesome! spiderman puts many dinsey rides to shame imho... that ride is just so immersive and it's incredible how all the technology comes together to bring you a truely unique experience...

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    Re: Is Islands of Adventure worth visiting

    The whole park is dang close to disney quality design...really great.

    HOWEVER!! Their maintanance standards suck ROYALLY!! I was so offended by the fact that half of their awesome park was broken or non-functional. Huge parts of rides were barely hanging on. BAD SHOW!! I could not belive that someone would put that much money into a park, and then let it go to pot. Characters didn't work. Whole sections of rides didn't work. It's like they said "well as long as the ride vehicles continue to move we'll keep it open". Bad, bad, bad. I think every cool waterfall we saw was waterless. I mean come on!!

    Spiderman worked perfectly however, and it is the best ride ever hands down. Dudley doo-right is top notch if only they'd actually keep stuff working other than the boats. Jurrasic park is great if things would just work right. Posidon's fury is a don't miss even though you think that a walk through is lame. It all depends on the quality of your actor/host though.

    One cool thing that no one mentioned is the really neat cave in the playground over in the Jurrasic area. Knocks the socks off of Tom Sawyer's caves. Don't miss it.

    Just make sure you stay at their hotels for a night, or you will not be happy because the express pass thing is a big rip off for those who are not staying on property.

    All in all. This park is 3 times as sad as Disneyland under their crappy previous management, but it has great attractions still.

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    Re: Is Islands of Adventure worth visiting

    I still miss the Alfred Hitchcock attraction.

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