Hostess(R) Goes Bananas for DVD Release of King Kong; Limited-Edition Banana Creme-Filled Twinkies(R) Roar Onto Shelves

Banana Creme-Filled Twinkies are Nostalgic Take on a Classic Treat

KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Hostess Twinkies will once again be filled with smooth banana-Creme, the original flavor of the iconic snack cake created 76 years ago this April -- but only for a limited time.
In connection with the DVD release on March 28 of the blockbuster film King Kong, Hostess is introducing limited-edition Banana Creme-Filled Twinkies, which will be available in over 30,000 retail locations nationwide beginning March 23, 2006.
This banana-themed promotion is a nostalgic nod to the classic treat, which was made with banana Creme filling until a World War II banana shortage prompted Twinkie bakers to switch to vanilla Creme.

The King Kong promotion is also supported by national print and Online advertising, free standing inserts, in-store displays and the "Go Bananas" online sweepstakes, where consumers can win Kong-sized prizes including a trip to Universal Studios and prize packs including a variety of King Kong and Hostess merchandise. For more information on the sweepstakes visit