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    Universal Florida Ticket Deal

    Just noticed that Universal Florida is offering Florida residents a limited offer of a two day ticket for both parks for only 63 dollars a person. I don't know how long this is running but it's a pretty good price. It may just get me back down there. If I could get into a hotel on property for under 100 dollars it would almost be a done deal.

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    Re: Universal Florida Ticket Deal

    They've actually been running this deal for a while I thnk. I know it was available when I was considering a visit about a month or two ago.

    They also seem to be mailing out (I think), seemingly at random, another deal which gets a party of 6 into the both parks for a single day at a cost of only $35 per person. I know at least 3 people who have recieved this offer (we are going with one this coming Sunday). I haven't actually looked at the offer they recieved so I don't iknow all the specifics, but I do know that whoever it was addressed to must be one of the people using the offer (for example, we couldn't take my father-in-law's coupon and use it without him).

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