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    Black Mamba - another world beating roller coaster

    "Black Mamba? What on earth are you talking about?" Are these your thoughts? Probably.

    Well, Black Mamba is a new B&M inverted coaster in Germany's Phantasialand. It opened about 2 weeks ago - and what a ride it is. Amongst the world's best!

    So what makes this irde so different? Well, Phantasialand is a really small park, so the coaster is very very compact. Plus, complaining neighbours have forced the park to keep a low profile, so the ride is mostly underground in tunnels and trenches. Rockwork + free dangling feet = extreme ride! High G's, fast turns, insane inversions and really need African decoration make up an awesome ride!

    So, do I have your interest? I do not have pictures from myself, but you can find a bunch here, including pictures from the rest of a really nice park:
    Ad luna in flamma gloria

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    Re: Black Mamba - another world beating roller coaster

    Well I've yet to find an inverted coaster I've liked...but glad you liked it.

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