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    Universal Mummy Tomb

    Last time I went to Universal Studios Hollywood, they had the whole Mummy's Tomb blocked off so the trams couldn't go through it... does anyone have any info on this or what the fate of it is? Also any pics of the old Wild West stunt show?

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    Re: Universal Mummy Tomb

    Hopefully this means they are changing it finally. They have a mummy coaster, they don't need a mummy tram stop too.

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    Re: Universal Mummy Tomb

    It was refurbished and reopened recently (not sure of the exact date). I went on it last week, and the only things that were different were.....

    Spioler, in case anyone really wants to be surprised:


    the projections of the mummies inside (they now match the colors of the cardboard ones on the ride), some treasure added, and Whoopi Goldberg getting eaten by scarabs.

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