It was at the heart of Milton Hershey's philosophy that, "One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy," and the foundation upon which the chocolate philanthropist opened Hershey Park picnic and pleasure grounds in 1907. Happy was simple then...a merry-go-round, an amphitheatre, and 5¢ HERSHEY'S bars. Now, HERSHEYPARK features twisting steel coasters, interactive live entertainment, and mouthwatering food selections. But through the years, the experience of HERSHEYPARK has remained timeless…the thrill of a first coaster ride, the laughter of children on the carrousel, and the carefree joy of time spent with family and friends.

So how will we celebrate 100 years of Happy? With a townwide celebration unlike anything you've ever seen! This once-in-a-lifetime experience will include exciting entertainment, festive decorations, spectacular fireworks, one-of-a-kind commemorative gifts, 100 nights of music, food, and fun at HERSHEY Resorts, and topping it all off, the unveiling of the biggest attraction we've ever built--The Boardwalk At HERSHEYPARK! If you've never visited Hershey, or haven't been here in years, you'll be delighted and amazed by everything we have to offer. If you and your family visit here every year, this is the year you've been waiting for--a celebration of cherished traditions and memories, combined with the excitement of spectacular water-play attractions and the family-fun atmosphere of a Boardwalk experience, all right here in Hershey!
New for 2007 - The Boardwalk at HersheyPark

Our grand tribute to the boardwalks of the East Coast beaches, The Boardwalk At HERSHEYPARK will captivate you with over 100 fun-in-the-sun experiences--from the flavors, sounds, and activities of an old-fashioned boardwalk, to the exhilarating refreshment of five distinctive water attractions, including the largest water-play structure in the world!
Can't wait to get back to HersheyPark next year!!!