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    USH photos from 8/19, with Deogee and about 30,000 others

    A very busy day at the park, we went up to check out USH's Kennel services, which are free and nice.

    Even with the regular AP's being blocked out on weekends in July and August, the place was extremely busy, heck, the entire lower queue was full for the Tram Tour, so they had have people line up on the bridge before the escalators. The T2:3-D queue was also full.

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    Re: USH photos from 8/19, with Deogee and about 30,000 others

    WOW!!!! i don't think the cue has been that full in a very long time.

    thanks for the pics. the new york comedy troupe? they can be funny, especially when you listen to them every single day! (i work at ush, and i work right in front of them). omg.

    totally awesome darkbeer. THANKS!!!
    kingdom hearts <3er

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    Re: USH photos from 8/19, with Deogee and about 30,000 others

    Awesome pics!! (as always) Just one question. On the next set of pics from the tram could you put a caption for each movie/tv show the sets are from? Some of them I don't recognize and I have never been on the tram ride. Thanks!

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