I went on Saturday. It was bad. Not good. In fact, horrible. I wouldn't recommend it. Go to Knott's instead.

The place was super-crowded. I only checked out 2 attractions and then I was over it. I went on the terror tram (walked through the posted 80-minute wait in about 30 mins). The scares weren't there, but it was pretty cool walking up to the Psycho house and down the War of the Worlds street. That would be the highlight.

Then I waited in a line for about an hour to walk through the "Asylum" maze, which was about on par with an average Knott's Scary Farm maze.

Then I had enough. I had to get outta there. For those that went, did I really miss anything especially noteworthy? Mutaytor? Chucky's Insults? Slaughterworld?