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    Wink Delayed Howl-O-Scream Tampa Trip Report

    After paying like $40 to get in (no Team member discount sadly) I entered the atmosphere that is of Howl O Scream Tampa. The verizon ads were minimal. The entrance area was great with a man on stilts taunting us to enjoy the show, while there were 2 girls and one guy on tables dancing around. From then the closest house would be Freaked . My sister who was working earlier joined me and skipped it. Apparently the idea of clowns with chainsaws scares her

    We did see The Awakening which is billed as a nightly ritual as minions prepare to raise the dead, and claim one of us as the next victim… really all it is a bunch of hip hop dance moves, and interesting things…

    After taking the detour route, we found an impromptu unofficial scare zone near a beer stand… Very nice touch.

    There were two official scare zones set up next. They were done well… I forget which was which. But Bone Grinders where they make loud noise were one of them.

    Up next was a visit to see SheiKra filled with fog in its tunnel and a dance floor area while waiting for the next show, Fiends to begin. They had a DJ set up near the entrance to SheiKra, and of course some beer. But that was the first beer tent I saw since after freaked.

    The story of Fiends is that Dr. Freakenstein along with his hot nurses is creating a new creature to be king of the monster ball, so he makes a date for him.. and of course the creatures that attend the ball are famous in there own way. A mummy, a werewolf, and others… eventually they do the monster mash, the creature gets scared by flash photos. And rampages… Igore has everyone do the Time Warp to end the show. Not to bad.

    Next up was our first house, Deathly Departed the bride lost her groom, and is out to get us for revenge. It was not to bad. Same as last year. There would be an “undead bride” roaming behind us at times. It was well done.

    We took a break because the line for the newest house was an hour long. we got lunch at Desert grill, the chicken alfrado was good, but the chicken was a little dry…

    The show there was Control-Alt-Deceased where a nerdy person frames celebrities on his blog, which was till the blog turned against him. This was done in the spirit of Bill and Ted at universal, just probably not as good.

    The celebrities were:
    Tom Cruise… In a shirt and underwear (going crazy after the fake faces of Katie homes)
    Martha Stuart… Done real well.
    Taylor Hicks, who was obsessed with himself
    Britney Spears, who kept dropping her kids, and a lot of other stuff
    Opera: who made many jokes against herself; such as if she would run for president she would win.
    Suddenly the detective takes control, and does revenge against the author. And kills him.

    It was hilarious.. Video will be up soon.

    After the show, I went into the “Trapped in the Walls” House.

    This is a house with an evil history, that is coming back to get us. Everywhere there are reminders of who sponsors this house, but still. It was one of there best works in a while. Wires, sparks, fog, hanging things all over. Brilliant. Not to mention it’s in a new building this year.

    After running out and getting my sister we met up with someone and headed towards “Club Muse” which is also known as After Hours where the staff are insigne for there art. They will even kill us to make it perfect.

    The club’s transition was well done as it was last year.

    Your entering seeing a dancer out front, and then suddenly I the club. You see their demented faces looking at you strangely.. getting blood splattered on you from the bar.

    Going through the back of the house and seeing dead bodies. Seeing someone’s masterpiece, suddenly the cops are here to save you, or are they? You’re pushed into a truck past some of the psychos who did this. Suddenly you’re free.

    This and trapped are the great houses of the night.

    After the house I took a look at some of the merchandise… the shirt was interesting..

    Afterwards we headed for the 3-D house, which was interesting… it’s always a great house and done well or bad. Today’s was a great cast who blended with the walls great.

    That’s all the information, Photos from the event are here:

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    Re: Delayed Howl-O-Scream Tampa Trip Report

    I went the next thusday and saw all houses and went throuh all scare zones. Freaked is intens. I love After Hours and Deathly Departed. Hunted was lame and 3 rd Dementia was lame also. Trapped was cool. All the enertainment was good, and video to come soon.

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    Re: Delayed Howl-O-Scream Tampa Trip Report

    In.. teresting...

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