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    Universal Studios Japan Question

    I was wondering if anybody who has been to Universal Studios Japan could help me. Has anyone seen the attraction, Animation Celebration With Woody Woodpecker? If so, how is it?

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    Re: Universal Studios Japan Question

    Yes, it's a theater show that explains the process of animation. There is a preshow about this, then you go into the main theater for the show. The show takes place in what appears to be an animation studio, with one actor playing the part of an animator, however, Woody Woodpecker crashes the show and causes chaos. The effect is very clever as we see the actor on the stage interacting with the animated Woody's mischevious behavior with stunning physical accuracy in the part of the actor. The Woody character is reflected on the glass that separates the audience and the stage, similar to the way the EPCOT Computer Astuter Review's hostess Julie used to appear walking on the real computer room down below the audience back in the mid 80's.

    Fun show to watch.

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    Re: Universal Studios Japan Question

    Thank you for the reply, TDLfan. The Show sounds great. It would make a great addiction to Universal Studio Orlando. They are not using the Old Murder She Wrote buidling. Would the theather fit in there?

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