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    Going to Magic Mountain, need coupons

    Does anyone know any good promos going on right now, coke cans, etc? I'm going in the next couple of weeks with friends and would like to get us in as cheeeep as possible.

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    Re: Going to Magic Mountain, need coupons

    Well, you can buy the whole park for a few million dollars. That would be a bargain.

    I don't know of anything until the Toy for Tots program. I don't know if they do that anymore, either.
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    Re: Going to Magic Mountain, need coupons

    Ive got a bunch of the buy one get one free coupons.
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    Re: Going to Magic Mountain, need coupons

    coke cans: look for "2 for 1"

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    Re: Going to Magic Mountain, need coupons

    I don't know if they're still in the restaurants, but Jack in the Box had a $29.99 coupon valid through 12/31. It was for Fright Fest, but can be used for general admission, too.

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    Re: Going to Magic Mountain, need coupons

    You can always take your chances and bump into a "scalper" in the parking lot...

    A few years back, during our last (literally) visit to MM, we were aproached by a CM who offered to "sell" us admission to the park for $10/head. He offered to sign us in (or get passes, I don't recall) and then collect the money once we were safely inside.

    We passed on his offer, since we had an AP from Marine World which also got us into MM.

    Enterprising young fellow...

    I'm sure it must have been illegal or at least against company policy. I wonder if he is still there??? hehehe

    Good luck!

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