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    Holiday World

    After being to about 60 or 70 parks around the world, it's hard to find a park which I like more than this charming, amazing park. Has anyone else been to it?

    Family owned and operated, free parking, free sodas, free sunscreen, free (amazing!!) waterpark, the 2 greatest wooden coasters I've ridden (out of 125 or so woodies), etc. There's nothing I dislike about the place. Every time I've been there (anbout 5 times) the mother of the family which owns it has personally greeted me and almost everyone else through the turnstyles. It seems like the best operated park on the planet with the greatest employees....and I'm a HUGE Disney nut and Cedar Point fanboy.

    The attendence is also phenominal. They pack 15,000+ people on a busy summer day and set record atttendence every year. The park is in the middle of nowhere in Indiana!!!

    Has anyone else had the pleasure of visiting the place? What do you think? (I know this will probably irk DL fans, but the place is a theme park, and it opened before DL did!)

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    Holiday World is an absolute gem. Whenever I hear anybody talk about how clean Disneyland is in comparison to other theme parks, I know they've never been to Santa Claus, Indiana.

    Holiday World still operates with a family that shares many of the ideals Walt grew up with, and it's very apparent. For an extra bit of fun, check out their webblog -

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