As I remember, the USF Hitch attraction was pretty cool when I visited in 2001-ish.
There was short talk about Hitch and his movies in a prop filled room.
Then we were filed into a screening room where we told we were going to see an unreleased clip of "Dial M For Murder" in 3D.
(It was the strangling with phone cord/scissors scene).
Towards the end of the clip the screen is torn to shreds by a flock of 3d birds who wreck havoc in the "backstage" area you can now see where the screen was. Pretty cool.

Then we went into theatre that had a Bates Motel mock-up with Anthony Perkins explaining how some of the shower scene was filmed (and interacting with a "Mother" who called out from the window of the Motel)

Next up was an interactive area where you could hang from the Statue Of Liberty (Saboteur)or spin on carousel (Strangers On A Train) thru the magic of blue-screen.
You could also spy on the neighbours in a "Rear Window" scene that was very cool.

I miss it. It was one of the few attractions that helped you realise what went into making a movie as opposed to just riding thru one...