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    Knott's Berry Farm: The answers I need to know

    Hello, I am trying to conduct a Knott's history site but there are some things I need information on so if anyone can help me out, I thank you.

    What was the Fiesta Wheel and when did it open/close?

    What was the Propellor Spin and when did it open/close

    Opening Dates to these attractions: Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars, Dragon Swing, Stage Coach, Hat Dance and Greased Lighting/Head-Ache?

    What was the difference between Loop Trainer and XK-1?

    Was the Antique Car Ride back in the 60's converted into Gasoline Alley or was it a seperate attraction?

    What was the Tijuana Taxi?
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    Re: Knott's Berry Farm: The answers I need to know

    I'm not good at dates, but I can tell you about the rides...

    The Fiesta Wheel was a Chance Trabant (an earlier version of Wipeout).

    The Propellor Spin was a Round Up.

    The Loop Trainer was an Enterprise, and XK-1... well, I forget the trade name, as not many were made. But think of it as an overgown Rocket Jets, with the ability to barrel roll. The restrain system included a lap bar and over the shoulder restraints, wasn't all that comfortable, and the ride broke down frequently--hence it's not lasting a real long time.

    I'm not 100% about the Antique Car ride, but I believe it was origianlly loctated outside the park, near Independance Hall and the then-Jungle Island and Train Ride around the lake. I think it later moved inside the park and became Gasoline Alley.

    The Tijuana Taxi was a basic car ride, not unlike Autopia, but w/o any real steering ability.

    The latter two (Train ride and Tijuana Taxi) can still be ridden today! The rides were moved to Castle Park in Riverside. Tijuana Taxi has been renamed, but it's not too hard to figure out.
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    Re: Knott's Berry Farm: The answers I need to know

    You Can Find All Those Answers On Wikipedia.

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