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    Wink 2-27 Busch Gardens From Figment...

    (Alternate Title: Drunken Gardens Around Figment!)

    After my shift at the college station I drove up I-275 I arrived at Busch Gardens Tampa, (none of that Africa stuff, never ever!)

    I parked in the parking lot right next to the courteous tram which would take me to my destination. The park!

    These are nice new trams, which are efficient.

    I passed through the new turnstiles after surrendering my finger print. (They use the same system Disney World uses for biometrics)
    I walked towards Crown colony when I noticed a new planter near Zagora Cafe.

    While I was in that area of the park I decided to take some photos of Montu in action, back from itís new paint job.

    It also lost its camera, so no more photos. It was around 1, so time for lunch

    After waiting in line, paying and waiting a little longer I got my order, a side salad with honey mustard dressing, a regular code red, and a slice of pepperoni pizza with fries. I only had about half my order before I was full. (I love the new fries, and those side salads.)

    Time to get on the skyride!

    Rhino rally is under rehab, and looks to be a nice upgrade.

    I could also see the Stanlyville Construction from there. (I miss python)

    Hey, are yee sad? Its time for Emerald Beat!

    Ooo! Ahh!

    That was fun!

    I took the train and took a photo of SheiKra under with a train. Come july thatís going to be floorless!

    On my way out of the park I found out a new store similar to build a bear is being added to morocco.

    Now my trip reports will have something new, not done by anyone else yet, Wear Speak! (Even though this is Busch Gardens Tampa, itís a trip report!)

    (Say Say Say, We Say... KaTonga!)

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    Re: 2-27 Busch Gardens From Figment...

    Looks like I might be going to BG in April when my cousin & her family come down to visit. I haven't been since fall 2001 so I'm looking forward to it.

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    Re: 2-27 Busch Gardens From Figment...

    Nice TR figment !!!

    i like the show on those pictures . I that show replaced Katonga or is it near Morrocco ?

    They did a neat Job on the new paint on Montu . I now can't to see SheiKra in Floorless .

    SheiKra is supposed to be down from end if May till Mid June . I should get an AP to BG and SW when i'll be down there .
    HKDL : Done !!!

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    Re: 2-27 Busch Gardens From Figment...

    that show is in Desert Grill, it ends in april.. just in time for them to head back to Williamsburg park to perform there again. (they get November and December off, then work at Tampa for a few months, then Williamsburg for rest... works out for me

    KaTonga is still there, and will be for a while... dont worry.
    Moroccan roll has been replced by a "mirage Canteen" show though.. really not a fun show. saw it last year on 12/31

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