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I had the privilege of working for Bud Hurlbut for over 15 years and went to work for him June 1969 just before the Calico Log Ride (it's original name) opened. John Wayne and his son Patrick were the first ones to ride on opening day July 11, 1969. We opened cautiously with 9 logs and finally got it up to capacity running 28 logs (I think) at the fastest dispatch cycle we could handle which was 11 seconds. We figured the theoretical capacity on 4.5 guests per log. If my math is right that comes to 1471.5/hour. My memory tells me we use to say 1500. I understand that now the ride's fastest dispatch is 13 seconds probably based on their newer computer operated safety systems. My source tells me that it still is the top ride in the park as it is "family friendly" and many ride it often during their visits. It is still a great ride even though the "show" aspects have declined over the years. Anyone remember how great the 3 forest scenes smelled for many of the early years? Trivia is that they have 4 pumps that can pump 8000 gals/min. However, they only use 3 on line at a time, so when the ride is in operation, it pumps 24,000 gals/min. The "E" Ticket magazine ran a great article on Bud Hurlbut along with the Calico Mine Ride and Calico Log Ride. They found a photo (possibly opening day) of a young Tony Baxter (Imagineering Designer) looking over the fence at dispatch. Great memories of these rides and the first 13 Halloween Haunts.
WOAH! Awesome History! Thank you!