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    Cal Expo's former WaterWorld will be reborn as Raging Waters after an extreme makeove

    the nation's largest water park company is preparing for its premiere season in Sacramento, pouring millions of dollars into the former WaterWorld USA at Cal Expo for an extreme makeover.

    The gem of the new park, called Raging Waters, will be the five-story Dragon's Den, an inner-tube slide down a 45-foot enclosed flume, followed by a spin around a 35-foot bowl and yet another slide into a pool.
    "It's just a very impressive piece of hardware," said Brett Petit, vice president of marketing for Palace Entertainment in Newport Beach.
    On May 19, Palace will open a Raging Waters park at Cal Expo -- its third in California


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    Re: Cal Expo's former WaterWorld will be reborn as Raging Waters after an extreme mak

    They never fulfilled the potention of Water World. It was a mediocre park, with crappy management. The guy was all about money...even treated his own kids like he didn't care whether they had fun there or not.

    Can't wait for Raging waters to come roaring in! Hope they try to compete with Golfland Sunsplash City up the road in Roseville.
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    Re: Cal Expo's former WaterWorld will be reborn as Raging Waters after an extreme mak

    I used to live in Sacramento and it is always nice to hear that they are improving that place. The lifeguards were horrid, the staff was rude and it was no where near the quailty of some other water parks I have been to. I do miss getting a 2nd degree burn in the lazy river and almost drowning in the wave pool under a inertube Good times !!

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    Re: Cal Expo's former WaterWorld will be reborn as Raging Waters after an extreme mak

    ^ the guards at water world concord are worse

    me and some of my friends (all certified lifeguards) were at the park one day when they decided to redshirt a guard (they toss a plastic baby doll into the water to make it look like there is an actual baby drowning, the guard is supposed to be alert enough to notice it quickly and "save" it)

    they literally walked up right next to this guard, dropped the baby next to him, walked away, and he saw nothing

    we all were just staring at him...actually saying "theres a baby in the water" to him, and he still did nothing.

    my bro (not certified at the time, so he didnt know what was going on) actually hopped in the pool, picked the baby up, and went to hand it to the guy, and i said loudly "no mike, put that baby back in the water, its there for the lifeguard to save"......still nothing

    we couldnt believe it, we decided to stay there and see how long it took the guy to realize what was going on...i think he finally got in to rescue the baby at 12 minutes, it was ridiculous

    after seeing that, im definitely not bringing any baby of mine to that water park, thats for sure
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