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Thread: Knotts question

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    Knotts question

    I'm mostly a DL buff but will always have a place in my heart for Knotts. What exactly are they building just inside Camp Snoopy? I'm sure tons of people know although I haven't been to the park in a couple years so its news to me.
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    Re: Knotts question

    its a mouse coaster, sorry i'm lite on info, but i'm sure someone else will have the better details
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    Re: Knotts question

    Not technically a mouse coaster. It's a Mack spinning coaster.

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    Re: Knotts question

    Think it's called Sierra Sidewinder. Check, they have links to the pics.

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    Re: Knotts question

    I also have photos of the construction and computer images, check out the March 10th album at the link below....
    Check out my Theme Park Photos at

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