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    Medieval TImes in Buena Park - Been there lately?

    My family wants to take my son to Medival TImes for his birthday next month. I haven't been in a very long time. Is it still good? Is it worth the extra money to get the Royal Table tickets?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Medieval TImes in Buena Park - Been there lately?

    I went this summer with my 2 daughters (age 5 and 9), wife, mother (60's) and Grandfather (95). Other than the volume level being too high for Grandpa (it was significantly louder than it was 15 years ago), it was worth every penny. We sprung for Royal Table, and our Knight chose the little one as his "lady". The look on her face was worth the price of admission and the flight!
    Splurge, it's worth it.

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    Re: Medieval TImes in Buena Park - Been there lately?

    You only go around once...

    Go for it!

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