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    Trip to Sea World

    hello everyone... .havent posted on here for a while... anyways, we took a trip recently to Sea World, San Diego and I wanted to share a few pics.... and somewhat report on happenings... .so here we go....

    we left at 7am, monday morning hit some traffic and made it to SW around 10am.... we started off with believe... i cannot stop from making disney references whenever i hear them say the word believe or one mans vision... i keep saying "Walt" anyways... i went a couple weeks ago to SW and saw believe, i think they had some changes as the TV screens they used were much more used, the screens split and moved, and spinned around to entertain while we waited as Shamu did his thing.... it nice to see a little variation in the show... it seems as if they improved it or maybe the screens were not working when i was there a coupld of weeks ago...

    love the dolphin show

    we ate at the calypso bbq place... i forgot what its called, but i love there BBQ food, i wish disneyland would bring back a decent BBQ place, a place where you can see the people making the food... oh it was soo good. I cant wait for another trip to Seaworld, just for the BBQ....

    we were done with all the attractions and shows by 6pm and headed home... as we were coming back on the 5 fwy we decided to hit disneyland, catch a couple of rides, watch the fireworks and call it a day...

    it was worth the sore legs and arms... resting at home today and next time i want to catch the shamu rocks show at night.... oh and maybe get some BBQ too......

    check out my pics at my site ....
    So, as they say at Big Thunder Mountain -- "Hold on to your hats and glasses cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!" i like west better

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    Re: Trip to Sea World

    Thanks for the trip report, and all the pics from Sea World. If San Diego's SW has the same BBQ as here, then I can understand your love of their BBQ. I've gotten to the point where I don't even bother with BBQ from almost anywhere else, because SW's are my favorite, and have been for many years.

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    Re: Trip to Sea World

    ^If its anything like the Busch Gardens BBQ, I completly agree with you. I dont know what Busch puts into their spices but whatever it is it is G-O-O-D Good.

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