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    Six Flags touts its new redesigned website

    Six Flags toutes its new redesigned website

    New York - April 4, 2007

    Six Flags officially launched its new redesigned website. Among the new features are the ablity to purchase vouchers for meals in advance, online games, and the abilty to find, share and purchase pictures taken at the theme parks. It also has an Evite Feature which allows for people to send out notifications as to when they will be in the park.

    For more info check out their press release at PRNewswire at
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    Re: Six Flags toutes its new redesigned website

    Heck, it is a PRESS RELEASE, here it is...

    Six Flags, Inc. Press Release

    Six Flags Launches Redesigned Website

    Customized Planning Tools, Easier Navigation, Interactive Games and Expanded Shopping Features Deliver an Exciting and Easy-to-Use Six Flags Online Experience for the Whole Family

    NEW YORK, April 4 -- Six Flags, Inc. today announced the launch of its new Web site, a completely redesigned interactive destination that brings the sights and sounds of the Six Flags experience to life, and makes it easier and more fun than ever to use. Whether purchasing tickets, merchandise and meals, seeing thrill rides in action, playing online games, finding park information or planning and customizing park visits in advance, the new provides an entertaining and informative online experience that meets the needs of the entire family.

    "With the redesign of our site we've placed our guest-first, family entertainment stamp on the Web," said Mike Antinoro, Six Flags Executive Vice President of Entertainment and Marketing. "The innovative functionality, enhanced features and cutting-edge technology have made a more integral part of the entire Six Flags experience, both enhancing guest service and providing more ways to grow our business."

    Easier Navigation and Expanded Online Purchasing Options

    On the new, navigation has been streamlined so that guests can quickly and more easily find key information about each park, including rides, events, attractions, shows and hours of operation. Now, in addition to being able to conveniently buy and print tickets and season passes, guests will discover a host of new features and functionality on, including:

    -- Finding, purchasing and sharing photographs taken in-park, as well as purchase photo merchandise;

    -- Purchasing Flash Passes to electronically reserve a place in ride lines;

    -- Buying in-park meals in advance with a variety of Meal Vouchers;

    -- Reserving the "Scooby-Doo Birthday Bash," which features a Scooby Mystery Hunt, kid-friendly food, music, dancing and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. Reservations for the "Scooby Doo Birthday Bash" will be available beginning April 30th, and parties will start Memorial Day weekend and run throughout the summer;

    -- Making reservations to take part in the new Six Flags VIP Program;

    -- Playing customized interactive online games, Six Flags Skydrifter and Six Flags Bullseye, which enable users to test their skills in the digital world before coming to the park to play them in real time.

    New Planning Tools Help Families Customize their Own Six Flags Adventure

    Six Flags has incorporated innovative and advanced user-friendly planning tools throughout that make the site a more useful destination for customizing the Six Flags guest experience. They include:

    -- The Six Flags Fun Planner: features a new "Fun Planner" tool that allows guests to create their own online "day at the park" itineraries which they can print out and bring with them.

    -- Thrill Rating System: helps guests tailor their own family-friendly ride experience with a new "Thrill Rating System." Easily-identifiable icons are now included next to online ride descriptions, answering questions such as "Is this ride good for my kids?" or "Will this coaster be too tame for me?" The Thrill Rating System also suggests other rides that visitors might enjoy based on their selections to help them further customize their personal Six Flags adventure.

    -- Evite Feature: Now guests have the ability to alert friends and family about their plans for a fun-filled day at Six Flags. After purchasing their Six Flags tickets, guests can invite others to come along by sending them an Evite online invitation with all the details.

    Six Flags, Inc. is the world's largest regional theme park company. Founded in 1961, Six Flags celebrated its 45th Anniversary in 2006. It is a publicly-traded corporation headquartered in New York City.
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