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    A Great Day at Knott's!

    We were at Knott's Berry Farm on Monday, January 31st. It was the last day of the promotion where you get in for $16.95 and a canned food item (a benefit for the Orange County Food Bank).]
    There were no lines ALL DAY! You could walk in and sit down on Silver Bullet or Xcelerator all day long. The place looked great! The bathrooms were clean and the Employees were really friendly and personable, a pleasant surprise considering the condition of the place a couple of years ago.
    For the first time I can remember, there was no line for Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant! We walked right up and were seated immediately.
    Knott's was open 10-6. We got there after 11, did EVERYTHING (except Ghostrider, closed and all torn up) including a sit-down lunch and we were leaving before 5. We had a fantastic day!
    In February, Knott's tickets for adults are just $25 each when you buy two. And kids ages 3-11 are 14.95.

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    THAT is the way to enjoy a park. Fantastic. I'm glad you enjoyed your day!

    Can you believe, I still haven't been on Xcelerator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustysage
    Can you believe, I still haven't been on Xcelerator.
    Well neither have I.
    -Monorail Man

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