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    Lightbulb Halloween Horror Nights 17 - ideas and thoughts

    I think it's appropriate to already start chatting about HHN 17 at Universal Orlando. I thought last years event was very successful. It did have some dud mazes but the overall atmosphere, characters, scare zones were really good. It'd be nice if they went with the 2 park idea again this year as rumored. The lines moved very well last year, I just hope that carries on to this year's event. The only idea I don't like is the no icon character rumor. I'm really looking forward with reading information for the next HHN in the upcoming months. I would like to hear what others have in mind for this year's event as well as if anyone wants to share any information that they might have to offer from other sources.
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    Re: Halloween Horror Nights 17 - ideas and thoughts

    from what ive heard from friends that work there, they are planning on a theme like that of the successful "Saw" movie franchise....nothing official, but thats what ive heard through the grapevine
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    Re: Halloween Horror Nights 17 - ideas and thoughts

    The only idea I don't like is the no icon character rumo
    what do you mean?

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    Re: Halloween Horror Nights 17 - ideas and thoughts

    ^ There's not gonna be a Jack the Clown or Storyteller or Director or Satan... there's no "special guest host".

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