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    Question Sea World Fun Pass question..

    Okay I wanna get the fun pass as does my fiancee, we really enjoyed them last year as it ended up making us go to the park 5 times haha. I saw that you can buy them online and I know the offer ends April 30, so if I buy it online do I have to go to the park before April 30 or can I just go whenever?

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    Re: Sea World Fun Pass question..

    I went to Sea World San Diego's website and from what I read, I would take it as the offer to buy it runs out April 30th, but as long as you've already purchased it, it shouldn't matter when you activate it since you're purchasing a voucher and have to have it turned into the actual Fun Card at the park. If I were you, I'd call SW just to make sure, and not just go by a dork from Florida's take on it.

    While on their site I also noticed there's also a online only deal going right now for the Fun Card at that park, where you get a free ticket to ride either the Sky Tower or the Sky Ride included with the purchase the Fun Card. It too needs to be purchased by April 30th. I know it's not a huge savings, but hey, free is free

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    Re: Sea World Fun Pass question..

    Thanks yeah I'll give them a call but hopefully all I need to do is buy the online ticket.

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