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    Renaissance Faire - LA 4/14

    For the last several years Iíve been wanting to head to the Renaissance Faire but every year something always seems to come up. Well this year the stars aligned and we headed up there. For those who do not know this is located at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in the Eastern part of LA. Let ye first be warned you DO NOT want to wash ye carriage before you go. The parking lot is basically a dusty field; by the end of the day all of the cars were various shades of brown. But once we were out of the Parking Lot it was relatively dust free even with quite a stiff wind blowing.


    Washing Wenches

    Queen's Knight

    Lady Longlegs

    I never got to meet these people. But they appeared to be quite famous as there were signs welcoming them thorough out the faire.

    I would not like to be this guy.

    ...Yes they are REAL tomatoes.

    A fencing lesson perhaps.

    You may not want to take a ride on this Maypole especially right after eating.

    In the battle between the English and Celts the Priest was having a pretty busy day.

    Now onto the Joust. Think Medieval times...
    Our Knight from the Northern Isles greets the Queen.


    He did not have a good day

    They also do have several performances. As the sign says it is good clean fun.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled century.

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    Re: Renaissance Faire - LA 4/14

    I so want to go...just trying to find time and money

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