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    Knoebels FLYING TURNS Project

    The Knoebel family has decided to bring back a classic coaster type ride by building their version of the FLYING TURNS. This type of ride was introduced by John Bartlett who with John Miller built the first one in 1929 in Dayton, Ohio. This first ride ran with single cars carrying two people with one sitting between the others legs. Very popular with couples. It is a bobsled type ride where the cars travel free wheeling down a curved barrel giving the rider a bobsled/flying sensation as the cars ride up on the walls of the wooden barrel. Their second ride opened at Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, Ohio for the summer of 1930 and was the highest of this type of ride and used three cars in a train. I worked this ride during my college years back in the late 40's and I can attest to the fact that it was a thrilling ride, particularly on a warm dry evening when it was moving so fast that the cars would ride up to the top of the barrel and sparks would fly as the side brake shoes would scrape the guard rails. EBP's version ended with a head jarring double spiral "crowd brake" where the trains would enter the spiral at full speed and come out at a snail's pace while moving to the unload brake. We got very good at changing "wet" cushions between unload and load. Also many women fainted on the ride. One night I had two women faint in the same train. Anyway, enough history. John Fetterman, designer at Knoebels in Elysburg, PA., has always wanted to recreate this thrilling ride and he is on his way to completing his dream. Unfortunately John could not find the plans for the EBP version, but did find the plans for the shorter Riverview Park model that ran until that park closed. Euclid Beach Park had the last remaining Flying Turns and it ran until the park closed in 1969. So, folks, you have a thrill awaiting you at Knoebels when their version of the ride opens hopefully some time this summer. You might remember that Intamin and Mack built their versions of the ride that ran in a steel barrel. Knoebels version is being built the old fashion way using wood troughs and five car trains. John Fetterman and his crew are doing a great job with building this classic and he has designed a couple of "surprises" into their version. Check out their web site They have two cameras mounted at the construction site so that viewers can follow the progress of the construction.

    "Glowman" John
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    Re: Knoebels FLYING TURNS Project

    This is a project I've been following for a while now - along with the Phoenix and Twister, this ride oughtta be a blast!

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