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    Special Effects of Cinemagic?

    This for Universal Studios Hollywood's Lower Lot.

    What if the Special Effects Stages is moved to a location over the Panda Express and Backdraft queue. Updated to be a mix of the current Special Effects Stages and Star Trek Adventure. Meaning the participants can take home a DVD of what they helped to create at the end of the attraction. But instead of just 1 movie or TV subject, it's a mix mash up of other Universal and NBC properties. Like 1 character making a journey through movies and TV and making an adventure out of it. Like Conan O'Brien's Emmy intro video:

    Switch the photo store and Lucy Tribute. Now the Lucy Tribute is a store and photo op store. And the Lucy Tribute can be kept. Then the Backdraft and current SFX stages can be a new attraction. Mostly using the plaza area infront Backdraft & SFX as indoor queue and facade. Then the old SFX queue could be a loading station. The attraction could be the rumored Harry Potter robocoaster. OR something else. Or instead of a new Lucy Tribute, turn it to a store at the exit of the Harry Potter attraction.
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