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    Rush Hour stunt show?

    There were rumors or thoughts before about a Rush Hour stunt show for the Wild Wild West Theater. Then that faded away. Then someone mentioned having a Borne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimain(sp) stunt show to replace Waterworld. But I thinka Rush Hour stunt show would be more promising. The Rush Hours films are released by New Line Cinema, a part of Warner Bros. WB has dealt with Universal parks before with Beetlejuice, the rumored Harry Potter, etc. And Rush Hour would be a nice reminder of Miami Vice. So basically combine elements of Miami Vice, Waterworld, and some unique elements to the new show.

    How much was the A-Team show like Disney's Lights, Motors, Action?

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    Re: Rush Hour stunt show?

    A Rush Hour Stunt Show would be a great idea, although I'm just not sure that I can imagine a Rush Hour show without Chris Tucker. But Universal has gotten away several times with A-Team, Miami Vice and Waterworld. So yeah, Rush Hour live would be great. I'm in FULL SUPORT.

    Also, the A-Team was a full blown Stunt Show very much like water World, but I have not yet seen Lights, Motor, Action. If you want more information about the A-Team, wait for my thread about The A-Team coming soon.
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    Re: Rush Hour stunt show?

    they should bring back Spectrablast to replace the Wild West stunt show

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