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    Question New Ice Show @ Knott's...

    Originally, they were supposed to have Snoopy's Summer Vacation Ice Show come back to the Charles M. Shultz Theatre this summer. But it looks like there's a brand new ice show called, Snoopy's Big Bow Wow. Does anyone out there have any idea what this new show will be like? I really enjoyed the previous ice show they had, and can only hope this new one is just as good, if not better.

    The name *Big Bow Wow* makes me think there could be some rap music in this new show...and God, I hope I'm wrong!! I'm sorry, but I'm not into rap music at all, regardless if it's done by Snoopy!

    But if anyone has any insight of this new show, please share!


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    Re: New Ice Show @ Knott's...

    I just saw the 6 P.M. ice show today. I hesitate to comment on the shows until I have seen them several times, so any comment I make here, I might have to "eat my words" later. With that said----I thought the skating was very good, especially when you consider the small space they have to do their routines. At this point I felt the costumes were "curious" for some of the numbers. What really bugged me was the lighting. There are four computer controlled spotlights along the front apron of the stage that are constantly in motion. To me when I am watching a show, I do not like to be distracted by lights sweeping on the ceiling and particularly do not like them in my face where they were more than once. Also they use screens on both sides of the stage to cover a scene change, which is all right, but I do not like them used while I am trying to watch the skaters. In the long run I felt that the skaters deserved more attention on them. I am sure you can still enjoy the show and I am sure I will see it several more times. At this point though, I enjoyed last year's show more.

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    Re: New Ice Show @ Knott's...

    ^I also was at the 6 PM show tonight with Lisa...

    The only character that is used this year is Snoopy, so there is more of a focus on the skating. The music is a mix of many different styles, and both of us enjoyed the show.

    Photos are being uploaded as I speak at the link below...

    The last segment is Beatles music, so there is a lot of Non-rap. I think there was just one Rap song.
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