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    Thanks PeaJay18 for your wonderful list! I will keep your suggestions in mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey joe
    Well, Universl Orlando just got a brand new indoor Shrek Meet & Greet with Shrek & Donkey. Donkey is AA Figure. Here a linke to the Shrek thing with a picture, I believe the studios have the following characters, Crash Bandicoot, The Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron, Blue Brothers, Scooby Doo, Curious George, Man In The Yellow Hat, Woody Woodpecker, and some other characters.

    Islands has Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Storm, Gambit, Popeye, Olive Oil, Bullwinkle, Merlin, Cat In The Hat, and others.
    oooh... characters! thanks.... and YAY!! Curious George.

    (p.s. I'm not a Shrek fan. Is he plastered everywhere?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPigletFan
    It does sound interesting.... Although probably not my mom's cup of tea.
    I love the Curious George area. My mother mostly tolerated my mischief and refused to go into the ball area until I proved to her that it was not some kind of trap. (The water area is full of traps, and incredibly fun.)

    I also read that you can meet the Marvel comic characters (Superman too?) and I would assume Shrek is there too?
    Superman is DC Comics (like Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.), so he isn't there.

    Several times a day, they make a big todo about the heroes coming out and it's usually fairly easy to get a picture. Spider-Man is incredibly popular and has his own special area where you have to queue up to meet him.

    The others just hang out in strategic places on the street. The Captain America guy is a real ham and makes amusing poses for the pictures. There's also Wolverine, Rogue, and Storm. Sometimes there are villains as well. Dr. Doom has a great costume and also poses extremely well with moms. Green Goblin shows up sometimes too.

    I think that's everyone, but I might be missing somebody.

    If you're on the Marvel island when they come out, you can't possibly miss them. If they aren't around, ask one of the employees, it probably won't be long before they make another appearance.

    Islands of Adventure is Disney-quality in terms of theming and atmosphere, whereas the Studio theming is sort of bland. The Mummy ride is a lot of fun, and MIB has an interesting gimmick, but otherwise I'm not much interested in the Studios.

    If your mom loves BTTF, though, she should enjoy it.

    You should also consider the expense of staying on-site. It's terribly convenient (even moreso than at WDW) and you get the superpower of being able to go to the front of any line at any time. It's such a wonderful experience that I really don't even like to go to the parks any more without the superpowers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manganese Nodule
    You should also consider the expense of staying on-site. It's terribly convenient (even moreso than at WDW) and you get the superpower of being able to go to the front of any line at any time. It's such a wonderful experience that I really don't even like to go to the parks any more without the superpowers...
    Thank you for your advice and information abou the character and Curious George area.

    Oooh... I remember hearing about that. I think that line thing would be nice and I will mention it ot my mom. I know she is looking into hotels that have shuttles back to the airport because I won't know exactly what I am doing when she leaves until when I get there. Thanks again!

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    The Royal Pacific, which is the cheapest of the 3 on-site hotels, is really quite nice. I actually prefer the theming to the Hard Rock. The RP is a short walk to IOA, whereas the HR is closer to the Studios. The Portofino is really nice, but quite expensive, and too far away from the parks to make the walk reasonable on a repeated basis.

    Each hotel has a boat launch to the parks, but the drop-off point is on the opposite side of the bridges (at CityWalk aka "the big, Downtown Disney-like mall you have to walk through to get to the parks if you park in the regular parking lots").

    The Hard Rock is so close to the parks that the boat ride is really a waste of time. It's little bit longer walk from the RP, but it's a pleasant walk, and you will most likely beat the people who are waiting for the boat to the parks, unless their timing is just right. Whereas you'll be able to walk straight to IOA, the boat passengers will have to backtrack from the CityWalk docks back to the IOA gate. They might beat you to the Studios, however.

    Usually I am too impatient to wait for the boat, unless it's the end of a long day and we're going into CityWalk for dinner.

    If you do stay on-site, be sure to ask about other extras. I'm not sure if you get priority seating at the restaurants as well (I think it's actually my annual pass that gives me that power), but you might get other bennies I don't know about because the annual pass powers usually trump the on-site ones.

    In any event, bring your AAA card. You can get discount hotel rates with it, and money off every purchase (except for stuff at the carts). At least, that was the case a couple years ago. I believe that's still true, but be sure to ask.

    Even if none of these discounts apply any more, there is nothing quite like walking past a giant sweaty mob of commoners on your way to a 3 minute wait for the most popular (and slow-loading) attractions. If you consider how much extra pleasure you'll get out of your visit, I think it more than pays for itself.

    Dr. Doom's Fearfall is not really worth the typical 45 minute (or more!) wait, but it's an exhilarating pick-me-up when you only have to wait 5 or 10 minutes for it. It looks scary, but I've found it to be pretty Mom-friendly. The ride is more gentle than it looks, and the feeling of floating more effective than on Tower of Terror. Theming-wise, it's no ToT, but I can go on it many times during a day and never tire of long as I don't have to wait.

    When you see people coming off it, there's usually a feeling of "we waited an hour for that???" among the plebes, while the empowered are usually grinning widely and saying "let's do it again!".

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    Jumping past the hordes of people waiting is great, but be sure to do the full queue in Spiderman or you'll miss most of the story set-up.

    Same goes for Revenge Of The Mummy.
    Now if only you could skip the Earthquake pre-show...

    "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
    Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."

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