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    USH Ticket Questions?

    Im really confused right going to Universal Studios Hollywood this sunday, and listed under the tickets page is a whole bunch of options.

    I want to do the buy one day for 61 dollars, and get a whole year free...heres where it gets confusing.
    They have another offer where you buy one day and get another day free, for the same price
    It makes no sense, then they say if you buy a day get a year free your an annual passholder, BUT on ther botton of the page the price for an annual pass is 71 dollars.
    Please please, anyone know what to do?

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    Re: USH Ticket Questions?

    I went last week and ordered the $61 annual pass from my computer, the $61 is an online special for locals, if you buy the annual pass at the park I think it is $71. I hope this helps! Have fun!
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    Re: USH Ticket Questions?

    We went in April and bought the $61.00 tickets. Then once in the park went to the AP processing center and got the rest of the year free. I was confused also as to the 2nd day free when I could get the rest of the year free minus the block out days.

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    Re: USH Ticket Questions?

    It's actually buy 1 day, get 2007 year free. NOT a whole year from the date you purchase your ticket. So your pass will expire 12/31/07. I believe it includes blackout dates. So the sooner you go, the more days you can visit.

    If you bring a specially marked can of Coke or go to Ralphs or VONS (hey, they got discounts in all kinds of places!! ) then your 1st visit is $12 off the 1 day admission. And then your 2nd visit is free. I'm not sure if there is a blackout date for the 2nd visit.

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    EDIT: Hmm... they haven't really advertised for a Buy 1 Day, Get the Year (12 months) Free.... maybe it's an online only thing. Actually, it does say it in that webpage. But at the front gate, it's the get 2007 free.

    I think last year USH actually crossed out the $71 Annual Pass sign and replaced it with the "Buy A Day, Get A Year Free". I also noticed they didn't do it this year since the promo started. I can see how it could be confusing. Maybe they're hoping some people won't notice and try to squeeze $10 dollars off each person...
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