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    High Extreme of Raging Waters

    I was looking at the website and they said High Extreme is not a two person slide. Have they gone back to a toboggan type slide? Has anyone been to Raging Waters in San Dimas this summer to confirm?

    Oh, and I'm so disappointed that they took out Raging Rivers!

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    Re: High Extreme of Raging Waters

    I havn't been in awhile but I thought high extreme was both a toboggan and a two person tube?

    I am sad about raging rivers, that was a one of a kind ride!
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    Re: High Extreme of Raging Waters

    Nope I was there last summer and it was single person slide. Let me tell you... YOU GET MAJOR AIRTIME on the last few drops. It was fun to watch large kids drop at the end and then hear "THUMP.......SPLASH".... Good old days.

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