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    "The Great Park" in Orange County

    I had a chance to visit the grand opening of "The Great Park" in Orange County, located on the site of the base of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. This park had some controversy, since it was originally given by the military to the county for use in building a new airport, a measure that was initially approved, and then voted against. The cost of a park has been another point of delay, and some proposals had housing and shopping centers going in to help pay for the rest of the park - not exactly what you think of when you think "park".

    The still not yet started park has a new balloon, that takes you up 500 feet, as well as a display on how the grounds are going to be environmentally friendly. There were also vendors and displays for the kids with art and dancing.

    They also had a flyby of some vintage aircraft, as eventually the park will have a museum with vintage airplanes, as a museum of El Toro's history as a military airfield.

    Here's some photographs:


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    Re: "The Great Park" in Orange County

    Great photos as always, that balloon pic is especially awesome, and love that socks and sandals combo.
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    Re: "The Great Park" in Orange County

    Awesome photos. Thanks.

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    Re: "The Great Park" in Orange County

    My favorite pic was the paint cups!
    I want my cake back!

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