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    Thumbs up Possible major changes to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008....

    In addition to The Simpsons Ride taking over the BTTF building, reports:

    New Shows - Rumor - (8/6/07) We’ve heard a new rumor claiming that a few proposals for new shows are on the table for 2008. One is said to be a possible stunt show for the old castle theater, currently home of the Fear Factor show. There may also be some kind of upgrade or change to the Blues Brothers show. Meanwhile the really weird bit was word of a possible shake up for the Waterworld show being talked about. We’ve heard something about using new non-Universal characters in the show and having to get the rights to use certain characters. Of course if it remains a Waterworld style show, this almost sounds like a certain wacky version of the Waterworld show performed for limited runs in Japan where they throw in all kinds of odd characters from other films into the mix. I could see Universal trying to spice up the summer runs of Waterworld with this perhaps given the long run the show has already had. Anyone know more?

    Wild West Stadium - Rumor - (3/21/07) For the past several years the old Wild West Stadium has sat empty, but sources tell us that something new is finally in the works to bring it back to life in the next couple of years. Anyone know more?

    [Link to unauthorized site removed].net has these pics of construction going on the old Wild West Stadium right now...

    http://www.[Link to unauthorized site removed].net/wcPhoto.php?upd=1&image=9360
    http://www.[Link to unauthorized site removed].net/wcPhoto.php?upd=1&image=9361
    http://www.[Link to unauthorized site removed].net/wcPhoto.php?upd=1&image=9362

    I've been to USH a few times, but the repeat value isn't that great on many of the attractions, so I've gotten bored with the theme park, but if this is the case, I might renew my annual pass next year.

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    Re: Possible major changes to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008....

    The Wild West Arena has been gutted- one of the mazes for HHN will be there, and afterwards, a multi-use venue

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    Re: Possible major changes to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008....

    I seriously hope they change out Fear Factor.

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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    Re: Possible major changes to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008....

    i agree the last time i saw the fear factor show the element that happens to the audience didnt work i asked the Show usher about it and he was so? .. Kinda sad that i used to work at USH in the shows I even worked on the Wild west Stunt show many yrs ago and the ppl who get hired should have more respect to the guests I have has my days but come on Ive worked Knotts Disney and USH and YRS ago Magic mountain and i allways had a A+ attitude cuz wanna know why cuz it paid my bills.. so if you dont want to work at a theme park and handle guests thats not your gig dont just get hired so you can get the Discounts and get your buddys in the park for free....


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