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    Re: (USH) Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2007

    I attended Universal's Halloween Haunt this year (the Friday that rained, October 12th) and I have to say that Bill and Ted's was great. Universal did a good job this year. While it does not match some of the previous ones they have done they are getting better. The Hollywood version is only returning now after being down for a few years.

    Remember it is harder for Universal Hollywood to host these events since this studio is still very active with actual movie making than the Orlando park. The Orlando park can use the whole park for their haunt while Hollywood has to use less due to the filming.

    Thanks for the video post, it reminded me of what a great time I had there.

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    Re: (USH) Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2007

    ^ Glad you had fun. I read in the past there was a maze or two built in the Frankenstein Parking structure directly under the Terminator 2:3D. They could have used this for a Jack the Clown maze. But they're still coming back.

    Ah man, did you see the Magic show?? It was unfortunately not very entertaining during my visit. I wondered if they improved it.

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    Re: (USH) Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by filmfreak11 View Post
    ^ really? What did they say?
    I should probably check these things more often. sorry
    Bill and Ted came out saying "EXCELLENT!!!" and did the air guitar thing and the executioner said "Wrong theme park!" and blasted them both with a shotgun
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