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Thread: LegoLand Fun

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    LegoLand Fun

    We spent last Saturday at LegoLand with the one and only Wolfette!

    The weather was gorgeous! And the crowds were light.

    The combination of those three can only equal one thing...FUN!!!

    It was nice to see that they have already broken ground for the additions that were mentioned in another thread. They don't mess around...

    We were at LL last spring, and they hadn't quite finished the Las Vegas section of MiniLand, so now that it is complete, we took some pics. They did an AWESOME job!

    LL does a great job keeping the Park clean and tidy. Their CM's are friendly and helpful. Their food is quite tastey and reasonably priced (especially with their generous discount for lifetime AP'ers).

    It was great being able to hang out with Wolfette for the day. We wrapped up the evening by meeting the rest of the Wolfpack at Red Robins near the Resort for dinner.

    Another great day of our trip!

    Enjoy the pics!
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    Re: LegoLand Fun

    Sounds like you had fun Thanks for the pics

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