Hi all, Sea World's new "Aquatica" park opened yesterday. Yours truly stopped by the new park briefly and made it to the entrance and even got a guide map. Kevin Yee did a great report on this new water park this past week on Miceage. Since I got there just 15 mins before the park was to close at 6pm... I have to say that was dismayed to see they are charging parking fees to enter. As far as I know.. no other water park in town or at Disney, charges for parking.
The entrance into the park is low key, but nicely done... with a welcoming waterfall. I liked the color schemes of the slides and such. Guests can use the windows or the automatic machines to get tickets. Adult admission is $39.99 plus tax. They have other combo tickets and offers as well, that include Sea World and Busch Gardens, plus some AP options.
I asked at the guests relation window for a guidemap. They had none! So I was allowed to go into the park for free to a nearby merchandise stand to get one.. (expect a bag check when you enter the park). I liked the colorful aussie merchandise logos they have on their park specific merchandise. Very cool. I noticed the recorded..."park will close soon" announcement had a strong aussie accent as well. Kevin Yee mentioned this is the theme here at Aquatica. Sadly, I could not go explore further pas the immediate entrance.
Anyways... reviews of the place would be nice to hear... so feel free to add here.