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    2005 Event Dates and A few announcments from Legoland CA including expansion plans!

    Rather than making a post for each announcment, I will put them all in one post.

    First - the dates for all the events at LLCA in 2005:

    Here is a list for the 2005 events at Legoland California:

    Feb 17 - 21 - Lego world tower building event

    March 11-13 - Miniland New York reopens

    March 19 - April 9 - Bricks in bloom building event

    April 30 AND May 1 - Star Wars Event

    May 27 - New attraction - Knights' tournament opens

    June 11 - 26 Knights and damsels mini-renaissance faire

    July 1 - Aug 27 - Summer fireworks spectacular (Thurs, Fri, Sat only)

    July 4 - Red, white and boom celebration

    Oct 22, 23, 29, 30 and 31 - Brick or treat! Costumes, candy and fun

    Nov 25 - 28 - Ornament building at St. Nick's brick shop

    Nov 28 - Lego Christmas tree lighting

    Dec 3 - F.I.R.S.T Lego League

    Dec 17 - 30 Holiday block party

    Dec 31 - Kids' New Year's Eve

    Now - the press statments for the larger or new events:

    LEGOLAND California announces 2005 capital expansion plans
    Family theme park reaches record-breaking results for 2004

    CARLSBAD, Calif. (Jan. 27, 2005) – LEGOLAND® California announced the Park’s best business results to date at a news conference held at the Carlsbad theme park Jan. 27, 2005. 2004 revenue results are the highest in the Park’s six-year history. The park expects further growth in 2005 due to increased capital expenditure plans.

    Attendance was up nearly ten percent over the prior year at LEGOLAND California. The Park ended 2004 at 1.42 million guests. This dramatic attendance growth shatters the 2004 industry average of 4 percent in North American parks, as reported by Amusement Business. Meanwhile, Park revenue grew by more than eleven percent from 2003 to 2004, establishing 2004 the best year on record for the family theme park in terms of revenue.

    “These results are phenomenal. We are thrilled with LEGOLAND California’s performance in terms of attendance, revenue and guest satisfaction,” said John Jakobsen, President and General Manager of LEGOLAND California. "2004 was a landmark year for the Park as we opened five new attractions to celebrate our fifth birthday. In 2005 we will invest even more money in the Park to take the guest experience to the next level.”

    LEGOLAND California invested $5 million in capital improvements to the park during 2004 in the form of five new attractions. In 2005, the total capital investment is projected to be $6 million. The park is building on its strengths with Knights’ Tournament, a unique signature attraction, a large-scale renovation of the popular Miniland New York area including the Freedom Tower and a LEGOLAND® mini-golf experience.

    “We are performing above industry expectations by delivering superior guest experiences to our target guests – families with children,” Jakobsen continued. “We have proven that our business plan is successful and we expect further growth in 2005 as we create even more reasons for new guests to visit LEGOLAND California while increasing our return visitation.”


    LEGOLAND® California announces Knights’ Tournament to debut Memorial Day 2005
    Cutting-edge robotic technology meets medieval LEGO adventure

    CARLSBAD, Calif. (January 27, 2005) – On Memorial Day 2005, LEGOLAND® California introduces Knights’ Tournament, a daring new attraction that combines cutting-edge robotic technology with the LEGO® spirit of imagination. LEGOLAND California is the only theme park in North America to offer this unique robotic attraction.

    This new ride will deliver a new kind of adventure that features twists, turns and fun for the entire family. LEGOLAND guests become knights-in-training as they cross a medieval moat, select the intensity of their ride experience and embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure aboard one of six passenger-carrying robotic arms. Each arm is made of cast aluminum and steel measuring 15 feet and weighing in at more than 2 ½ tons. The ride mechanics include an electromechanical motor, which provides a smooth yet thrilling experience unlike any other.

    “Knights’ Tournament is a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests,” says President and General Manager John Jakobsen. “This new attraction builds on our strategy to continually offer new and exciting opportunities for our guests to interact with the LEGO values of imagination, creativity and fun.“

    Key features of the attraction include the opportunity for passengers to choose their own ride experience and interact with medieval-themed LEGO model scenes. An 18-foot tall red LEGO dragon with a wingspan of 13 feet guards the entrance to the attraction. The multi-dimensional thrill ride allows guests to take charge and choose their own experience and intensity to match their individual ride taste. The ride has no track, giving the ride a sense of unpredictability and leaving the rider unaware of what comes next. The robotic arms move in multiple planes and directions, creating an additional unknown dimension to the adventure. What makes this attraction more unique is that guests can choose a different ride every time.

    The attraction is themed with the LEGO Knights’ Kingdom play materials storyline. The interactive model scenes featured within the attraction bring the knights from the popular play materials to life. The model scenes give guests the opportunity to engage in swordplay, compete in a test of strength, or receive their reward at a knighting ceremony. This thrill ride is also enjoyable for spectators as they can observe friends and family being transported back to days of yore aboard their robotic steed.

    Knights’ Tournament represents another year of growth for LEGOLAND California. The ride is one of three new additions in the Park’s 2005 capital expansion plan. Other new additions include a large-scale renovation of Miniland New York and a new mini-golf experience.

    Log on to for more information about Knights’ Tournament and the other new attractions and improvements for 2005.

    The robotic arms are manufactured by the ROBOCOASTER™ division of KUKA Roboter GmbH, a German company that specializes in providing industrial robots to a number of industries including automotive manufacturing. While their industrial robots perform a variety of tasks such as welding or moving car frames in a factory environment, the themed-entertainment division of the company applies this technology to passenger robotics. Knights’ Tournament is destined to thrill and delight guests at LEGOLAND California.


    LEGOLAND® California to break Guinness World Record™ for
    Tallest LEGO® Tower
    Theme park guests participate in record-setting event Presidents Day 2005

    January 20, 2005 (Carlsbad, Calif.) – Thousands of children along with their families will click together more than half-a-million LEGO® bricks at LEGOLAND® California February 17-21, 2005, to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest LEGO tower ever built!

    The tower will soar over the theme park’s main entrance and will be built entirely of LEGO bricks. Park guests will be able to participate in this record-breaking event by constructing their own piece of the tower beginning Thursday, February 17 when the Park opens at 10 a.m.

    Park officials estimate the tower will take four days, 40 hours, nearly 50,000 guests and more than 500,000 LEGO bricks to complete! The construction of the tower begins everyday during Presidents Day weekend when the Park opens at 10 a.m. and ends when the Park closes at 5 p.m. Witness the closing ceremony on Presidents Day, February 21 at 10:30 a.m. when the final bricks are positioned and the tower is measured and certified by an official from Guinness World Records.

    The current Guinness World Record is held by AS Rekato Ltd., the company who organized the building of a LEGO tower built in Tallinn, Estonia in August 1998. The tower took four days to build reaching a height of 82 feet and was made of 391, 478 LEGO bricks. LEGOLAND California will have to create a tower at least 83 feet in height to break the current record.

    About Guinness World Records
    Guinness World Records is the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement. First published in 1955, the annual Guinness World Records book is published in more than 100 countries and 20 languages and is one of the highest-selling books under copyright of all time. In 2004 Guinness World Records will celebrate its 50th anniversary (1955-2005) and the 2004 Edition marked the sale of its 100 millionth copy. Guinness World Records is published by Hit Entertainment PLC, a fully integrated global studio with divisions in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan, including broadcast production and distribution, video and audio sales, consumer products licensing and marketing.


    Freedom Tower seen for the
    first time amid the New York skyline

    CARLSBAD, Calif. (Jan. 27, 2005) – The city that never sleeps will come to life at the opening ceremony of renovated Miniland New York at LEGOLAND California on March 11, 2005, featuring Daniel Rodriguez. Not only will Park guests be the first to catch a glimpse of the Freedom Tower years before the actual one is completed, but they will be immersed in a New York “state of mind” the entire weekend at the family theme park in Carlsbad.

    Daniel Rodriguez, a New York native and police officer in the Big Apple for seven years is now known as “America’s most beloved tenor.” Rodriguez will do the honors of singing the national anthem at LEGOLAND California as part of a salute to heroes at the unveiling of the LEGO Freedom Tower. In honor of those who helped rebuild America after September 11, all public safety officials including law enforcement, firefighters and the military will be given complimentary admission from March 11 through March 18, 2005 with valid identification.

    Years before the real Freedom Tower is completed at the site of the devastated World Trade Center, LEGOLAND has begun construction of the monumental skyscraper completely out of LEGO bricks as part of a renovation of Miniland New York. Sprouting 25 feet into the sky, the monumental tower will be the largest building ever created in Miniland USA.

    Using published photos of the winning design, LEGOLAND California’s Master Model Builder, William Webb Dodd, in collaboration with a fellow Master Model Builder from Denmark, is responsible for sketching the design, creating a 3D computer model and the final construction of the LEGO Freedom Tower. The 1/70 scale model includes a “wind farm” in the top portion of the tower which in the actual structure will use turbines to generate 25 percent of the electricity in the building.

    More than two million LEGO bricks are being used in the reconstruction of Miniland New York. During the renovation, Master Model Builders will completely rebuild and replace five buildings including the Citicorp and UN Buildings. All buildings inside the Big Apple will be completely blasted by environmentally-friendly powdered walnut shells, checked for repairs by Master Model Builders, recoated with a UV lacquer then reinstalled in Miniland. The cleverness of LEGOLAND California’s Master Model Builders shines through in the renovation with new and innovative minifigure scenes alongside some old favorites.

    In traditional LEGOLAND style, additional interactive areas are part of the renovation plans for New York City. Guests will be able to make music play as a LEGO minifigure breakdances and grooves on the streets of Lower Manhattan while other guests can prompt water to shoot from different fountains in front of Rockefeller Plaza.

    In Central Park, look for a Shakespearean play at Belvedere Castle, a Mini-Renaissance Faire, more statues and a completely redesigned Central Park Zoo with never-before-seen LEGO animal models. The unique and lush landscaping of the real Central Park is not overlooked in this LEGOLAND replica. The Park’s landscaping team is planting 80 new trees, additional shrubs and ground covering, adding to the theme park’s popular landscaping.

    New York City is one of six geographical locations in Miniland USA recreated entirely of LEGO bricks at LEGOLAND California. More than 24-million LEGO bricks create this attraction considered the heart of the Park.

    Also - not included in this is a 700 room hotel they will be building, located directly behind the park with its own entrance to the park. This will open in 2006.

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    Uh oh looks like I'm going to HAVE to make a Legoland trek for the boys They will have a heart attack over that Knight's Tournament attraction!! They have been wayyyy into Bionicles for a few years now(I want to say with Kyler it's been 3 or 4 years)and they have recently entered into the Knights Phase. They will kill to see this!!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ

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    I have clue what the new ride is. Robotic arms, what? A spinner? A swooper? What the heck is it?

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    It's a RoboCoaster:

    Hopefully we will get to go down and ride this before our Legoland AP's expire in June.

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    Holy barf machine Batman! That is one scary robot ride.

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