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    Mark May 21 on your Calendars

    May 21st is a very important day for Knott's Berry Farm, or at least, it should be. Montezooma's Revenge will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary! Montezooma's Revenge opened on May 21, 1978 and is one of the few remaining shuttle loop coasters left in the world and in my opinion, is the best shuttle loop coaster. I don't think Knott's will actually do anything to commemorate such an event, especially when Montezooma's Revenge is one the most photo-neglected coasters; you almost never see it in their commercials, yet it is one the most popular rides in Knott's. Anyway, I love this ride a lot and I hope other people will realize this special occasion and go have a ride on this true classic.

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    Re: Mark May 21 on your Calendars

    I LOVE Montezooma's revenge, and it's still the best coaster at Knott's.

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    Re: Mark May 21 on your Calendars

    I still remember when it opened. Now that was a coaster well ahead of it's time.

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    Re: Mark May 21 on your Calendars

    I agree that this is the best shuttle coaster of it's kind. People used to say that Greezed Lightning was better, but I rode that about 2 years ago, and it was awful.

    Although the seatbelts are a bummer and really slow down loading time (and having generally slow, chatty employees at this ride doesn't help), the ride itself is still as smooth and fun as it ever was. Not many coasters age so well. And aside from refurbishments, it's rarely closed/broken. Way to go maintenance, I say! Job well done, and frequently unappreciated.
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    Re: Mark May 21 on your Calendars

    All of the remaining Schwarzkopf's should be celebrated. I've never been to Knott's, but I have been on a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop and they are so much fun. Happy Birthday to Montezooma's Revenge!

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