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Thread: Tivoli Gardens

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    Tivoli Gardens

    Here's the first photo from our recent Europe trip. We spent several hours at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. It's easy to see where Walt took inspiration here... or has it gone the other way in recent years? Anyway, "The Demon" is their centerpiece roller-coaster. Here's Victoria and me riding it. It's a relatively short ride, but fun. Tickets are about 8 euros each. (After paying 11 euros to get into the park.) Tell me again how Disneyland is expensive at $56!
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    Re: Tivoli Gardens

    Tivoli! I LOV IT! ("e" intentionally left out)

    I have always wanted to go there. How was the entire park? Is it just as beautiful as I have heard? We're you there in the evening with all the lights on?

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