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    Re: Universal Studios Hollywood: What Needs to be Done?

    I recently went to Universal and I agree with the majority of your post, basicly they need to add a few more Ride atractions and re-tool or replace there shows at least every other year for me to want to visit again soon.

    But the Simpsons ride was amazing, the simulations were good and the que is great with new tv's for the TV clips all around good

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    Cool Re: Universal Studios Hollywood: What Needs to be Done?

    I really want to like JP more, honest, but it just falls short. Here's the thing. The movie was on this past weekend, and we watched. During the scene with the T-Rex attacking the cars in the rain, the sense of peril practically oozes out of the TV. The ride has the same premise: we're in the park, and there's a security failure, and carnivorous dinosaurs are about. But I never feel that sense of peril. The answer, I think, is audio. I firmly believe that the ride desperately needs better use of music and sound effects to convey that we're supposed to be in danger.

    Backdraft is very well done, but there's a good reason for something different there. They've taken what they've learned doing that attraction, and applied it elsewhere effectively. Spidey would be great, although I'd hope to not have to think "it's better in Florida" if they ever do. Would be a shame to lose WW, though; seeing stunts is definitely in keeping with how movies are made. Plus it's proof that the quality of the film is completely different from the quality of the attraction. This is, as stated before, a studio with some shows and attractions, and not really a theme park. As such, it's best seen as a unique entity, and not in comparison to something that's it's not. Perhaps because of this, it isn't as repeatable for me, even compared to their parks in Orlando, although I enjoy going every few years.

    But, boy did they nail the smell in Maggie Simpson's mouth.

    A bientot.
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