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    OFT Eric's Review of "The Simpson's Ride"

    So I was FINALLY able to ride the Simpson's Ride here at Universal Studios Orlando this Sunday!

    I decided to wait to experience this ride with some family that was coming into town.

    Now I wish I could say that I took a lot of pictures to share with everyone, but... alas... I was soooo engaged, and had sooo much fun that I honestly forgot to take pictures!

    The queue was awesome! The line moved swiftly while I was in it. The TV's with Simpson's Clips were hillarious, engaging, and just made the time fly!

    Then the holding pen to the preshow was great! The booths with the Simpson's Characters were great, and made the time fly!

    The Preshow was awesome!

    The RIDE was HILLARIOUS! I was honestly suprised by how much I laughed out loud on this ride!

    They keep a very strong narritive from the queue to the end of the ride! It was really just terrific and top notch!

    Kudos to Universal Orlando and the GREAT addition of The Simpson's Ride!
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    Re: OFT Eric's Review of "The Simpson's Ride"

    Thanks for your review. I hope to see it soon as well.

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